Andrew C Bly | New York City
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Welcome to Neighborly

A new identity for a new brand: Neighborly, a community of home service experts. What started off as a naming pitch for The Dwyer Group turned in to a year long creation of a brand entering a $400 billion market with over 35 years of franchise experience. Andrew was an integral part in everything from visual identity creative direction (designed by the awesome Meg Lewis), website development (streamlined by the kickass Brad Evans), development of brand guidelines and the production of the first creative campaign. Check out more at (especially if you have a leaky faucet or an appliance on the fritz)

RESULTS: In June of 2018, Riverside Capital sold Dwyer Group to Harvest Partners, LP which was the fourth and largest acquisition to date for the Waco-based franchising company.

Neighborly Manifesto

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Laura Bee Illustrations

Laura Bee Illustrations

Neighborly was a big ol' collaboration lovesfest with the fine folks at Ghostly Ferns with Meg handling the identity, Brad bringing to life the brand experience and Laura bringing to life our strategy in the brand guidelines.

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"Welcome to Neighborly" Debut